You do not have to be a registered user of this site to purchase any item here. All payment is handled through Authorize.net payment processor using secure socket layer encryption technology to ensure your personal data is never compromised. Firebrand Glass does not have access to your card information using this system. I am provided only with the necessary shipping information to ensure prompt and secure delivery of your order. If your order is received by 3:30 PM PST your item will ship that same day. If received after that time it will be shipped the next day. If your order is made on a weekend or federal holiday, your item will ship on the following Monday, or the next business day when the post office re-opens. All orders are shipped via USPS first class or priority mail. Other shipping options may be available. Please contact me at sales@firebrandglass.com for any questions regarding the status of your order or for any other questions you may have.


Any personal information collected on this site will never be shared with another party. We do not have access to your credit card information as that data is securely processed through Authorize.net. If it should become necessary to collect your information for the purpose of processing a phone order, or by other means, this information will never be stored on our local systems, nor any network over which we have control. All sensitive data is handled over an https connection ensuring that data is encrypted and transmitted only between client and server systems. Firebrand Glass will never use your contact information for the purpose of unsolicited advertisement or promotion, unless explicit permission is given to do so. We may collect and retain contact information for the purpose of coordinating contests that you have opted in to, or for the distribution of newsletters that you have subscribed to. In this case Firebrand Glass will always provide a mechanism by which you may opt out or unsubscribe from any distribution we may create. Firebrand Glass will never sell any information collected on this site.


You do not need to be a registered user of this site to purchase the items available here. It is your responsibility to know and understand the local and state laws applicable in your area concerning the purchase of smoking related materials. If you are outside the United States please contact us at sales@firebrandglass.com for any questions regarding international orders. We are more than happy to assist you, and additional shipping charges may apply.


Once your payment is received your item will be processed and shipped that same day, provided your order is received before 3:30 PM PST, on a weekday that is not a federal holiday. I am notified by SMS immediately when payment is received by the electronic method provided in each listing. If you prefer another method of payment this may be arranged by first contacting me at sales@firebrandglass.com.


Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase you must contact us immediately at sales@firebrandglass.com to express your concern. You may request an exchange for another item, but refunds will not be granted. ITEMS THAT HAVE BEEN USED WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED as a return for any reason, however, if you discover a manufacture defect in the glass after use, that was not the cause of abuse or negligence please contact me to discuss the issue. I may require a photo of the flaw to determine the nature of the defect and if it is determined to be of manufacturer origin a replacement will be sent out to you without charge. I can offer this limited warranty for a few reasons. 1) Because I am confident in the quality of the work I send out and 2) Because 99.9% of the people I have dealt with online have proven to be honest and forthright in their intentions. I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky in this concern, or if quality work just attracts quality customers, but regardless of the reason as long as this ratio of quality customers to scammers remains consistent, I will continue to provide liberal warranty policies to ensure your satisfaction.


I encourage comments and discourse in the listings and posts. You must be registered to post a comment. All comments and discussion will be moderated. No inflammatory language or spam posts will be allowed.

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