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Paisley Chips – #1 to #5 – MACAG Auction

This auction is for these five chips from my paisley series. I intend to do a large series of paisley, and these are my first 5. They are not being made for public consumption but for my own use, and as new designs become available I will be making them available to collectors in very limited amounts.


Pacman Marble 4-28

2 5/8″ diameter. 360 grams. 37 millis including 15 dot millis and 22 character millis.
7 blue ghosts
3 cherries
3 pac men
3 disembodied eyes
2 clydes
1 inky
1 blinky
1 pinky
1 READY! cluster at center

WARNING: 80′s music ahead.


Pac Man Marble – BM Auction


Pacman Dish – BM Auction


Pacman Marble


2.30″ boro. Artist made murrine. 27 total chips. 16 character chips, 1 cluster chip, 10 dot chips.
Includes pacman, inky, blinky, pinky, clyde, blue ghost, disembodied eyes, cherry, READY! cluster and dot murrine.
246 grams. Slight line marks left by claw holder, fainter than appears under studio lights in photo 6.
Not scratches and could probably be easy to buff, but I do not have the pad and junk and stuff.
Taking offers.

Pacman – Ready!

18mm wide (at widest)
40mm long

Pacman Chunks


Stats for this set:

Image Width Length Weight
Pacman 11mm 74mm 14.5g
Clyde (orange) 15mm 82mm 27g
Blinky (red) 11mm 71mm 13g
Inky (cyan) 10mm 74mm 11g
Pinky 15mm 88mm 21.5g
Blue Ghost 16mm 68mm 20.5g
Cherry 17mm 89mm 37.5g

Combined weight for this set = 145g (nearly 1/3 lb!)
Combined length for this set = 538mm (21.18″ or nearly 2 feet!)

Pacman Collectors Chip Set

Sold Out