Two Terraforms

A pair of solid borosilicate Terraform marbles–2.06″ and 2.69″.

snake egg

2.75″ Snake Egg design. Solid borosilicate. Line in color (photo 4) shows where it briefly separated and was fused together, it is not a crack. 1 micro bubble burst on surface, very small smooth divot.

black and white

2.4″ solid borosilicate black and white theme marble.


2.44″ solid borosilicate herringbone pattern

Rio Plata

2.125″ Solid borosilicate dubbed Rio Plata

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Marble FBMCG

2.5″ solid borosilicate. 3 minor surface blemishes. For auction on FB Marble Collectors Group.

Sorry for the video quality

Lava Lamp

Available $6 / g
Slyme and Cobalt interior

Paisley Chips – #1 to #5 – MACAG Auction

This auction is for these five chips from my paisley series. I intend to do a large series of paisley, and these are my first 5. They are not being made for public consumption but for my own use, and as new designs become available I will be making them available to collectors in very limited amounts.


Pacman Marble 4-28

2 5/8″ diameter. 360 grams. 37 millis including 15 dot millis and 22 character millis.
7 blue ghosts
3 cherries
3 pac men
3 disembodied eyes
2 clydes
1 inky
1 blinky
1 pinky
1 READY! cluster at center

WARNING: 80′s music ahead.


Pac Man Marble – BM Auction